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featured11 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

Getting in the business industry is like dipping in a pool filled with hungry piranhas that can eat you whole. This scenario is a normal thing in the business sector. Small and starting businesses are being eaten by huge companies. If you don’t want to be a victim of these vultures, it is advised that you boost your branding by seeking help from social media marketing agencies such as Summon Digital.

How can you find the best? Find it out here!

1. Be prepared for the interview portion.

31 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

When it comes to social media marketing firms, you should be aware that numerous companies are claiming that they are the top or the best agency with the lowest rates. After hiring them, that’s the only time you’ll know that they are nothing but scammers. Find out if the firm is legit by going through each social media marketing agency online and pick three candidate that best appeal to your interview.

2. Ensure that your clarify your objective

32 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

Is the agency helping you decide when it comes to your distinct objective? Whatever your objective is, make sure that the agency can help you become more visible to your audience without you and your employees spending so much time in your social media platform.

3. Always protect your business reputation

33 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

If you experienced having your company ruined by a social media marketing agency by posting not so good information on your social media platform, you are having second taught in hiring another one. In this case, you must ensure that the agency attracts prospective consumer to access your social media pages.

Your profile says a lot about and your business. Make sure that the agency you’ll work with can do your profile and ask them if they can change if upgrades are made.

4. Updated on Trends

34 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

Ask the potential agency on how they handle upgrades that can take place in social media in the near future. If they can’t seem to answer your question, it is a sign that you are not working with a top agency.

By doing these, you can save yourself from bogus agencies preying on marketers like you.

featured10 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

The game is on and you are up against small and huge businesses selling the same products and services. What will you do to win this battle? Winning or having an edge over your business competitors is a tough thing to do. You have to go beyond what your competitors are planning and what’s worst, they are instances that you have to do the impossible just to succeed and attract your target consumers.

Do not let this taught bring you down because companies like Content and Motion are here to help you out. According to this leading agency, if you want to stand-out and win your audience interest, the best thing you can do is to focus on your social media marketing content. Why?

Social Media apps are widely used today by everybody through day and night. If you want to reach your audience effectively social media is the way to go. In social media marketing, marketers like you are required to come up with original social media contents to be posted daily.

If so many ideas and things are running through your head, you’ll find it hard to come up with fresh and unique contents. With this article, you’ll be able to learn more ideas that you can use as you create your next social media posts.

Idea #1 Following Schedule of Daily Themes

21 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

You should choose a theme for specific days of the week so that it would be easier for you to come up with fresh contents for your social media accounts. By following themes you are boosting consistency for your brand and you are giving your audience something to look up to.

Idea #2 Write content about unusual holidays

22 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

Do you know every day of the year claims an unusual holiday? You don’t believe, are you aware that October 8 is considered as Octopus Day? Yap, unusual it is. Used these funny holidays to your advantage by creating contents about it, for sure your audience has never heard of it before. Have fun posting these holidays and make sure to include a Hashtag.

Ideas #3 Go and pose a very attracting question

23 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

The people or what we call now as “netizens” are fond of giving away their opinions and sharing their personal experiences on social media and you can actually see that on Facebook. To engage with them, start your content by asking a question.

For instance, you are marketing your restaurant, ask simple questions like “what do you like to eat on a date?” or “what kind of meal do you prefer during the family day?” To boost its visibility, you should include a graphic or photo.

Idea #4 Ask your audience to participate to the “Fill in the Blank”

24 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

For more attracting posts, start it off with a fill in the blank, this can help attract conversation on your social media account.

Do these crazy and fun ideas as you create your next social media marketing posts and for sure the netizens will find your contents very fresh, funny, and unique all at the same time.

featured9 - 10 Unbreakable Laws of SMM

10 Unbreakable Laws of SMM

Social Media is very powerful these days. The majority of people is engaging on it a daily basis and spends a lot of time with it. If you want to succeed in your business, you should learn to leverage the power of content and social media marketing. But, let me tell you that getting started without any experience could be really challenging on your part.

Meaning of Social Media Marketing

It is important that before engaging in social media marketing, you are fully aware of the fundamentals. Begin with the meaning of social media marketing. The truth is, social media marketing is really a broad term so let’s go for the most popular definition which is, it is a methodical use of marketing on other technological concepts in order to achieve a specific goal for a company.

Now that you are aware of its meaning, the next thing you should know is that social media marketing has laws that can help you build a strong foundation that can serve your customers and your brand.

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing:

1. The Law of Listening, if you want to succeed in social media and content marketing, you have to listen and less talking. Join discussions and read your online targets preferred online contents.

2. The Law of Focus, you should learn to specialize by focusing on social media and content marketing strategy that are capable of strengthening a brand.

3. The Law of Quality, it is better to have thousands of users who read, share and talk about your content than have hundreds of thousands of users connecting to your with the first time and eventually disappear.

4. The Law of Patience, success does not happen overnight. You should be patient as you wait for results.

5. The Law of Compounding, by publishing quality contents and workhard to build quality followers. They will share your content with their very own audience on different social media platforms. The sharing of contents can open new entry points to search engines.

6. The Law of Influence, spend time interacting with online influencers in your market who have quality audiences and are interested in your products and services. Make sure to connect with these people and build a sturdy relationship.

7. The Law of Value, stop spending so much time promoting your products on social media, instead, start adding value to your conversations by creating amazing contents and developing a relationship that could last.

8. The Law of Acknowledgement, building good relationships is essential to the success of social media marketing, so make sure that you are acknowledging everyone who is reaching out to you.

9. The Law of Accessibility. If you want to succeed, do not publish your content and just disappear. Make sure that you are available to your audience which means, you have to constantly publish content and participate in conversations.

10. The Law of Reciprocity. Never expect that people will talk about your content and share it with others. Instead of feeling sad, you should spend a portion of your time sharing and talking about contents that are published by others.

It is said that “laws are meant to be broken” but, in social media marketing, laws should be followed to ensure once success in reaching out their audience.

featured1 - SMM Tips that can Boost Website Clicks and Conversion

SMM Tips that can Boost Website Clicks and Conversion

If you want to get clicks and conversions on your social media platform without using any strategy, I’ll be honest with you. Your chance of getting what you want is slim and you’re actually waiting for nothing. In the realm of social media, marketers like you are given a lesser chance of being visible that’s why you have to be smart and take advantage of platforms that bring most engagement.

For you to succeed in flaring up discussion and refining your business websites conversion rates, you should follow these simple tips shared by expert Social Media Marketing Agencies.

1. Importance of creating a social media marketing strategy.

Creating a strategy to follow is essential to your “overall customer acquisition process”. But, too many marketers skip this step for these reasons. That they can always get back to this step later and they do not need it at all.

What they don’t know is that a sturdy social media marketing strategy will not only unify your team with the kind of content to be posted but, it allows you to track your results.

2. Target a social media platform answering the questions why and how?

Let’s take a closer on one of the most popular social media platform today, Facebook. As of the year 2014, it is recorded that 71% of adult internet users are engaged with Facebook. 71% of those are women and the remaining percent are men. Overall, Facebook audiences are a good mix of location, gender, race, income, and education.

Facebook made it possible with different kinds of visuals that attract shares, comments and likes such as, Facebook Covers, Timeline Photos, and Photo Contests.

3. Utilize your brand in telling a story.

The first thing you should do is to ask yourself. Can you tell a story with a great photo of your product and encourage consumers to make a comment on their favorites? As you accomplish all these marks, you will able to master Google and be able to rank in SEO.

4. Don’t’ set aside Social Icons

Most people are installing social media plugin just to forget about it with the hopes that the blog content will be able to stand on its own. This will not happen if your social profile is successful with its rights, except that few people will take time to share your contents.

What are you waiting for? Aside from theinformation above, you can gather other tips that can help you with your quest of attracting your audience by intensifying your Social Media Marketing Campaign.

info1 - SMM Tips that can Boost Website Clicks and Conversion
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influencer marketing 1 - What is a social media influencer?

What is a social media influencer?

Apparently a whopping forty-percent of the world’s population are now on at least one social media platform. That’s over three billion people. If you’ve got something to say, or even more relevant, something to sell, that’s a really big marketplace to promote your wares.

One of the key ways this huge tool is being utilised now is using the one thing social media is designed to do — be social. All the platforms from Tumblr to YouTube are designed to create interactions, relationships, and through careful manipulation and development of those it’s a perfect opportunity to sneak your business through the back door or shout about it from the rooftops depending on where your brand stands in the public eye.

The people that are creating these openings by earning your trust in their opinions, actions and advice and are utilising the social media platforms to do so are what we call social media influencers.

Every time we follow, share, or like a post we’re spreading their news for them, and that’s how their market can spread over the world in a matter of minutes. Influencers want you to send their message virally for them. It’s how they make their money after all.

Why do we trust them?

Well, we are led to believe that they are experts in their field, and they often are, but not always. There are an abundance of celebrities working to a script and the end result is the same for the good of the brand, and the bigger the star the bigger the audience they already have access to.

Or if someone continually blogs about their topic expertise then we’re given one-to-one access to just how knowledgeable they are and with an opportunity to subscribe to any and all of their accounts, to be kept up to date on anything and everything about their subject, we’re buying into what they’re selling.

They know their subject

Take your own life for example; what do you care about and what are your interests? To keep up to date with news and current affairs we follow or subscribe to the newspapers where everything they put under our noses, despite how often we’re told not to believe everything we read in the press, we still pretty much do.

We buy into the fact that they’ve done the research, they understand their topic, and they’re sharing that with us because they want to. The real truth is that they’re sharing it because it’s a multi-million pound industry. But, there it is, every day when you log on to Facebook, Twitter or any of the other myriad platforms, you can be kept up to date on what’s going on; and if you were to drop by their website or buy their newspaper you’ll be bombarded with the advertising that makes them their money.

If you work in finance you’ll follow the movers and shakers in the banking world. They’re going to be a step ahead of the rest of the competition so you’ll look to them for advice. If they recommend an app, a book, a good investment or valuable opportunity you’re going to take their word for it and give it your valued consideration.

These influencers are our experts. Leaders in their fields.

These are fairly simple examples but they make the point well. We trust them because we believe them. That’s how they achieve their power of influence.

We want to be them

We love and loathe them at the same time but celebrities have a selling power second to none.

If Angelina, Julia, Brad or Gerard smell of a certain scent then of course we want to too. Even if it is fifty-pounds a bottle. The brands and businesses that buy into their already huge followings understand just how much return they can make from an investment into a celebrity’s influence. It’s a ready-made market just waiting to be milked.

Ideally, the big brands want to create a relationship with someone who fits their brand profile, who is relevant to the product by age, culture and style, and if it all fits then it’s big business for the brand, the celebrity, and all their adoring fans, or as they should be called, ‘customers’.

For example, lets say a local celeb had a pool installed by ideally you would want the celeb to share pics on the new pool on their social channels, allowing your brand to reach a whole new audience that you can potentially sell too!

There are flaws in the celebrity process; what happens if the chosen star falls from grace? It’s got to have a good spin to work it to the brand’s advantage but in a world where we can agree that dumping a fallen star is the ethical thing to do we buy further into that brand’s attitude. It’s almost like they can’t fail…


We’re just like them already

Basic psychology says we’re attracted to others ‘like for like’. That means that we’re drawn to those with similar belief systems, backgrounds, values and style. So if we see someone on YouTube or Vimeo that we identify with and they’re talking knowledgably about something that interests us then they garner our trust and too an influence into our buying decisions.

The Internet has created a plethora of these miniature stars with massive followings, or micro-influencers as they are known to the marketing masses, and there’s a really strong opinion that we will buy into their opinions with more and more respect as time goes on.

Because they are smaller entities than the Hollywood jet-set they are more likely to preach what we think they really believe in, as opposed to the A-list celebrity with his or her multi-million dollar deals. The micro-influencers are going to become the biggest marketing movers and shakers of the future because already the under 20s spend way more of their time on the Internet and social media than they do watching mainstream television or other more standard marketing channels.

The Millennials may well be the hot players in society right now but the pathways are set for Generation Z to take over, so this trend that’s making waves right now is only set to grow and grow.

Information superhighway

So whether we know we’re buying into it or not the social media influencers are turning our heads and turning a profit. Whether we’re sitting up and listening to the experts and leaders, the bloggers and content writers of our favourite websites pages, the micro-influencers or our celebrities, these are big ways to get into our homes and our heads, and for as long as they’re creating those very relationships that make us buy into their ideas, opinions and products, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.