featured8 - Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing to Watch Out for!

Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing to Watch Out for!

The business sector is known as the most chaotic industry. Why? For the reason that thousands of businesses and companies are going against each other to compete for sale and for consumers, well, that’s how businesses really work.

Due to the intense competition taking place on online businesses and on actual stores, the majority of brands are doing everything they can and are trying new ways on how they can connect with their audience using various platforms. The greatest challenge they have to face is that consumer’s attention spans are decreasing to eight (8) seconds. With social media, every user scrolls down through 300 feet of content providing the smallest window of opportunity to grab their attention.

If you’re a marketer, how will you handle the situation and how will you get your consumers once again?

For professional marketers, you should take advantage of the evolving development of social media content marketing but you have to use a more humane approach. To help you out, here are some of the latest trends in social media content marketing that are predicted to make a huge impact this 2018.

1. Businesses Investing in Talent

At this very moment, companies are well-aware of the fact that social media is essential when it comes to consumer and brand engagement that’s why they have been investing and focuses more on their social strategies. This year, you’ll see company’s focus on this and on hiring qualified individuals that are capable of providing contents for all social media platforms.

2. A Mobile Ready Content

Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 people spend hours engaging on social media platforms like Facebook. This app has been the most popular platform for years and as the majority continues to involve to it, brands will surely spend more time and effort just to provide mobile-ready content. This type of content is much simpler and has few presses to engage with but, contents like these require knowledgeable and experienced workers.

3. Fuller or Richer forms of Content

In general, rich content is equivalent to more engagement. This content refers to any content that is able to facilitate user interaction. For the best sample, videos are in the top. It requires users to click play and is encouraging them to leave some comments.

4. Aligning with User Generated Content

It is proven that 80% of online users trust online consumer opinions and higher percent prefer recommendations from people they know. As you create a social strategy, it is the right time to leverage on user-generated contents. This 2018, you’ll be able to see brands spend more time with this type of contents.

Social media platforms are presenting new opportunities in creating contents that can build a meaningful relationship with the consumer. If you want your business to succeed this 2018, you should learn to adjust to the latest trends.

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