featured3 - Learn How to Promote Your Business for Free!

Learn How to Promote Your Business for Free!

Are you planning to build your own business? Building up your own business is indeed one of the best goals that many people want. Whether you have your own established career or not, you can have your own business as long as you have the profit and the product and service to sell. However, keeping your business doesn’t end in simply having the something to sell. You need a plan and a strategy which includes marketing.

Seeing as TV, radio, and billboard advertisements are too costly, you have to find other ways if you’re on a tight budget. In order to market your business without spending wads of money for a start, you have to think like other businessmen do. You have to maximize every resource you can get around you especially the internet.

Ways to Market Your Business Online for Free

Power Up Your Online Presence with SEO

SEO is “IN” to get ahead of the game so use it to improve your online presence on search engines. As your knowledge and skills in SEO increase, your rank on search engines will also increase after applying both to your business.

Use Local Listing Services

Register your business in Google Places so customers can search your business online by appearing in search engines and Google Maps. Just fill out the registration form to have your business be verified through a phone call or a snail mail. You can also use Bing from Microsoft and Yahoo! Local from Yahoo! to register. Registering your business in these huge local listings is totally free and hassle-free.

Post Promotional Videos

Creating an account on YouTube is free so maximize its platform to post promotional videos about your business. Customers are hooked with great content so be sure to catch their interests that are relevant to your business. You can also use Flickr to keep a gallery of your business photos online. Be sure to it link back to your website and social media pages.

Create a Blog

You can network with well-known influencers and have them promote your business on their blog after experiencing your service. If you’re into writing and you want to have your own blog site, be sure to keep it updated to connect with your customers directly.

Maximize Social Media

More than a great tool to connect with your loved ones wherever they are, social media has improved into a business tool over the past few years. Creating a business page on social media will help your business gain better exposure by posting ads and product offers on your page. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so customers can follow you anywhere.

Aside from publishing blogs, you can also post press releases for free on some sites to update your customers on your business progress and achievements. Search for websites that publish PRs for free and grab the opportunity to rock your market status.

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