featured10 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

The game is on and you are up against small and huge businesses selling the same products and services. What will you do to win this battle? Winning or having an edge over your business competitors is a tough thing to do. You have to go beyond what your competitors are planning and what’s worst, they are instances that you have to do the impossible just to succeed and attract your target consumers.

Do not let this taught bring you down because companies like Content and Motion are here to help you out. According to this leading agency, if you want to stand-out and win your audience interest, the best thing you can do is to focus on your social media marketing content. Why?

Social Media apps are widely used today by everybody through day and night. If you want to reach your audience effectively social media is the way to go. In social media marketing, marketers like you are required to come up with original social media contents to be posted daily.

If so many ideas and things are running through your head, you’ll find it hard to come up with fresh and unique contents. With this article, you’ll be able to learn more ideas that you can use as you create your next social media posts.

Idea #1 Following Schedule of Daily Themes

21 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

You should choose a theme for specific days of the week so that it would be easier for you to come up with fresh contents for your social media accounts. By following themes you are boosting consistency for your brand and you are giving your audience something to look up to.

Idea #2 Write content about unusual holidays

22 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

Do you know every day of the year claims an unusual holiday? You don’t believe, are you aware that October 8 is considered as Octopus Day? Yap, unusual it is. Used these funny holidays to your advantage by creating contents about it, for sure your audience has never heard of it before. Have fun posting these holidays and make sure to include a Hashtag.

Ideas #3 Go and pose a very attracting question

23 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

The people or what we call now as “netizens” are fond of giving away their opinions and sharing their personal experiences on social media and you can actually see that on Facebook. To engage with them, start your content by asking a question.

For instance, you are marketing your restaurant, ask simple questions like “what do you like to eat on a date?” or “what kind of meal do you prefer during the family day?” To boost its visibility, you should include a graphic or photo.

Idea #4 Ask your audience to participate to the “Fill in the Blank”

24 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

For more attracting posts, start it off with a fill in the blank, this can help attract conversation on your social media account.

Do these crazy and fun ideas as you create your next social media marketing posts and for sure the netizens will find your contents very fresh, funny, and unique all at the same time.

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