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personal branding - Branding tips for Small Businesses

Branding tips for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner looking to brand your enterprise? Well, congratulations as you are in the right place! We are going to share some effective and quick tips on how you can best brand your set of services or products.

After all, it does not matter whether you’re a big or a small company. Size does not matter. What matters is how you choose to identify yourself and ultimately to brand yourself.

Your brand is how your target market will feel when they interact or think about your company. Hence, defining and positioning how both potential and current consumers feel about your commercial endeavours is critical to your professional success.

Time to get started.

  1. Outline your brand identity

This is the first and foremost step as you embark upon your branding journey. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself. They include but are not limited to:

  1. How is your portfolio of products or services different from your competitors?
  2. What do you define as your company values, goals and mission of your enterprise?
  3. In what light do you want your potential customers to view your brand? What do you want them to think when they interact with it?

Once you have clarity on the above questions, you can commence designing your brand’s DNA.

  1. Keep your brand message consistent and coherent

Your brand promise will ultimately be communicated via your brand message to your consumers. They need to know what your unique selling proposition is and why they should procure your product.

The most important thing here is to effectively convey how your brand will add value to your consumer’s life. Maybe your product is all natural and vegan – it will appeal to all eco-friendly individuals out there. Remember that the values, mission and goals you defined in the preceding step will influence this heavily. After all, everything is interconnected.

  1. Design your imagery and communication strategy

What comes to your mind when you think of Apple? No, not the fruit- but the tech giant itself. Let me guess, you think of Steve Jobs in his top form as an inspiring and excited personality. Do you know why this visual popped into your head? It is quite simple.

This can only be attributed to Apple’s marketing brilliance by involving his personality in all aspects of brand communication, high tech and keeping things simple. Apple succeeded in building an emotional connect with its target market.

It is imperative that you live up to the brand promise and message that you deliver. For instance, if you claim to care about the environment, then you need to prove that to your target market.

Don’t forget to make sure your represents what you stand for. There is a number of online logo design  services that can help you achieve this.

  1. Get on board the social media train

Once you have designed your brand principles, you can start building direct relationships with your customers with the help of social media. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter..the list goes on and on.

The good news is that you do not have to be present on all social media platforms. Just choose one or two and concentrate your efforts on amplifying your footprint there. Maintain a consistent tone of brand voice across all channels.

For instance, if you are informal in your style of communication on Facebook, make sure to replicate it on your Instagram page as well. You have to be true to your  brand in every comment, like, post, and share that you do.

  1. Let your target audience get to know you

Sometimes, knowing who the brand  owners and what they stand for can make all the difference in a sale. For instance, suppose you sell face powder but market to your customers that you do not test on animals.

Now imagine a person in a make-up store, debating whether to try your brand or another one- which does animal testing. Knowing that you do not indulge in such harmful practices will push her towards your brand as she will not want to support a business that brings harm to living things.

  1. Get creative

Do not be scared nor hesitant in letting your creative juices flow. Ditch the conventional norms of marketing and communication and get down to implementing innovative practices.

For instance, if you are a toy company, adopt a child as your brand persona and utilise language similar to how today’s children communicate in. Make it a team effort and brainstorm a list of unique ideas. However, do not lose sight of the bigger picture and do not forget the very essence of your brand.

  1. Manage all your brand touchpoints

It is vital that you remember that your brand’s reputation has to always remain in top form to ensure that you do not lose out on growth and potential sales. As a small business owner, you can customise your touchpoints, your messages and speak to customers directly if need be. Work closely with your sales guy to understand what your customers are truly about.

  1. Constantly remind people about your brand of services or product

Branding takes time. Giants such as Apple and Nike have invested a ton of marketing dollars into their branding campaigns and have spent time in gaining the top of mind recall position in their consumers’ mind in their respective product categories.

  1. Dream big

Do not let the size of your business deter any big goals and big dreams that you may have. Dream big so you can become big. We have faith in you! We know you will achieve your objectives. Maintain brand consistency and always maintain the quality of your product.

By doing so, you will win the trust of your customers. Once you do that, the sky is the limit! Why, you ask? Simple. Because you will have their brand loyalty. And that means guaranteed repeat sales as they will come back to repurchase your brand as they were happy with its performance and the difference it made in their lives.

featured6 - Build Your Winning Brand Strategy in Just 4 Steps

Build Your Winning Brand Strategy in Just 4 Steps

Did you know what the most important fragment of your business is? Your brand is the most important fragment of your business. As a matter of fact, HubSpot stated that a brand does not refer to the product, the business’ name, or the business site. A brand has a bigger meaning than those things because it is something that is elusive.

This pertains to what your clients think the moment they see or hear your brand. It also covers the emotional and factual aspect of your clients. But with a winning brand strategy, you can influence the perception of your clients. Learn how you to make a brand strategy in just 4 steps.

Identify Your Brand Strategy

11 - Build Your Winning Brand Strategy in Just 4 Steps

What is the message that your business wants to deliver to your audience? What do you want them to think every time they hear or see your brand name? Do you have a solid purpose to drive your business?

All brands make promises to customers, so come up with something unique for people will notice your brand. The first thing that you need to have is a defined purpose. Given that every business aims to make money, you have to think of a vision that will make difference in the world and encourage customers to pick your brand over your competitors. For example, Coca-Cola delivers a message through using a lifestyle platform to inspire and communicate hope to the audience.

Develop Your Brand

12 - Build Your Winning Brand Strategy in Just 4 Steps

Your business’ personality is very important, so find ways on how you can improve it all the time. So some research whether the design and digital media tactics will help boost your brand personality. Find out how your brand will be able to show customers the value you want them to learn from your business.

If your business says you value customers over everything, how will your business show it to them every day? Gone are the days where companies just focus on words of promises alone. Do something and put your vision and mission into action. Make your brand’s promise come true.

Communicate Your Brand

13 - Build Your Winning Brand Strategy in Just 4 Steps

The avenues of communication that your business uses should be consistent and inclined to your brand’s personality. Come up with specific goals and strategies to communicate your brand by appealing to your customers’ passionately and do some research on how people see your brand. Create different consumer personas to understand what your customers want and need.

Communicate Your Brand Strategy

14 - Build Your Winning Brand Strategy in Just 4 Steps

Once you have the winning brand strategy, it’s time to communicate it to your customers. Content and Motion provides informational input when it comes to marketing, content, social, and branding to help people like you to succeed.

You can also attend conferences that are related to your niche to help you come up with a successful brand. Keep on increasing your scope and network with people in and out of your industry to increase your chance of getting customers.

featured1 - SMM Tips that can Boost Website Clicks and Conversion

SMM Tips that can Boost Website Clicks and Conversion

If you want to get clicks and conversions on your social media platform without using any strategy, I’ll be honest with you. Your chance of getting what you want is slim and you’re actually waiting for nothing. In the realm of social media, marketers like you are given a lesser chance of being visible that’s why you have to be smart and take advantage of platforms that bring most engagement.

For you to succeed in flaring up discussion and refining your business websites conversion rates, you should follow these simple tips shared by expert Social Media Marketing Agencies.

1. Importance of creating a social media marketing strategy.

Creating a strategy to follow is essential to your “overall customer acquisition process”. But, too many marketers skip this step for these reasons. That they can always get back to this step later and they do not need it at all.

What they don’t know is that a sturdy social media marketing strategy will not only unify your team with the kind of content to be posted but, it allows you to track your results.

2. Target a social media platform answering the questions why and how?

Let’s take a closer on one of the most popular social media platform today, Facebook. As of the year 2014, it is recorded that 71% of adult internet users are engaged with Facebook. 71% of those are women and the remaining percent are men. Overall, Facebook audiences are a good mix of location, gender, race, income, and education.

Facebook made it possible with different kinds of visuals that attract shares, comments and likes such as, Facebook Covers, Timeline Photos, and Photo Contests.

3. Utilize your brand in telling a story.

The first thing you should do is to ask yourself. Can you tell a story with a great photo of your product and encourage consumers to make a comment on their favorites? As you accomplish all these marks, you will able to master Google and be able to rank in SEO.

4. Don’t’ set aside Social Icons

Most people are installing social media plugin just to forget about it with the hopes that the blog content will be able to stand on its own. This will not happen if your social profile is successful with its rights, except that few people will take time to share your contents.

What are you waiting for? Aside from theinformation above, you can gather other tips that can help you with your quest of attracting your audience by intensifying your Social Media Marketing Campaign.

info1 - SMM Tips that can Boost Website Clicks and Conversion
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featured7 - Stand-Out from the Competition with Branding

Stand-Out from the Competition with Branding

Are you going to start a business? Well, that’s good news because having your own business allows you to be your own boss and you can manage your time. The bad news is, you’re not the only person who has taught of starting their own business. Actually, 8-10 people are running their own business, it’s either online or an actual store.

With a great number of competitors, how do you think you’ll able to stand-out from the rest? Well, you have to think fast because your time as a marketer will run out soon if you don’t find a great way to market your business.

Let me help you with that. These days, the term “branding” is the latest trend in marketing. Although branding existed even before, there is a huge difference from the meaning of branding before and today. Years ago, branding was defined as the slogan, name or symbol that identifies the products and services offered by a company.

But now, the meaning of branding is more complex but plays a very important role in the world of marketing. It’s no longer your business slogan but it’s the awareness of the consumer whenever they hear or think about your company name, products, and offered services. Due to this, the foundation of your brand is your business logo. This means, your business website, packaging and promotional materials should be united with your logo.

How can you define your brand?

For a starting marketer like you, defining your business brand is a crucial decision. You’ll find it difficult and time-consuming. If you are having quite a hard time as you decide on your branding, it would be helpful if you can answer the following as you think of your business branding.

  • What’s your business mission and vision?
  • What are the features and benefits of your business product and services?
  • What does your consumer think about your business?

As you answer these questions, the next thing you should do is to do your research. Do not settle on what you know, you should learn about your consumers’ needs and desires and from there, you’ll be able to come up with a great and catchy branding that will surely capture your consumer’s attention.

How you’ll get the word out?

As you come up with your branding, your next problem is how you’ll get the word out. For this, here are some effective tips:

  1. Create a logo and place it everywhere where people can see it.
  2. Brand messaging should be written down and your employees should be aware of your brand attributes.
  3. Your brand should extend to every aspect of your business.
  4. Come up with a so-called “voice” that can reflect your business brand.
  5. Write a memorable and catchy tagline.
  6. Always be true to your brand and consumers.

With these, you’ll be able to spread the word about your business branding a lot faster than expected. What are you waiting for? Meet with your employees and brainstorm with your branding.

featured5 - 2018 Marketing Conferences to Check out this March!

2018 Marketing Conferences to Check out this March!

Are you up for some mind boost this March 2018? Fill your calendar with worthwhile conferences to discover, learn, and network with more people in the marketing industry. The best part of marketing is that it never stops growing so a regular dose of new marketing inputs will help you a lot. Check out the marketing conferences here this March and see which you should fit into your schedule.

March 2018 Marketing Conferences

C3 (Conductor)

March 7 – 8, 2018

If you are looking for a marketing conference that is packed with inspiration, insights, and of course innovation, then this C3 2018 conference is what you’re looking for. Conductor’s conference 2018 will cover the different factors of digital marketing like traffics and site rankings, SEO, content tactics, and its implementation. But the best part of this event is its most awaited after party. Where else will you find a conference that throws and after party to network with the speakers, partners, and co-attendees better while in relaxing?

Engage Conference

March 8, 2018

Previously known as “SearchFest”, Engage Conference is a one whole day event on digital marketing. This conference will cover technological advancements such as content, creative, advertising, SEO, paid media, UX design, and paid media. It will also present exclusive learning tracks about digital marketing under its theme “Forward-Thinking and Relevant”.

The event will take place at The Sentinel Hotel in Portland, USA.

Search Marketing Expo and Conference Series (SMX)

March 13 – 15, 2018

If you can’t get enough with Search’s conferences, then SMX should be part of your to-do list this March 2018. SMX conference 2018 will be focusing on SEO and SEM since search marketing has become bigger more in-demand in the digital marketing industry. Since 2007, the expo continues to help thousands of marketing experts around the globe create top-notch strategies and implementations in marketing.

If you are interested to attend this event, mark your calendar now and plan your trip to San Jose, California for SMX West.

Baby Bathwater

March 15 – 18, 2018

From the event’s name alone, you can already tell that it is different from the usual marketing conference that you would see on posts. Unlike other conferences, this event discourages self-serving selling and networking. Instead, what you will have here are well-known speakers, a carefully evaluated company, excellent content, and the mouth-watering food.  Based on the previous attendees of this event, everyone in this event is genuinely serious and focused on helping to change the world.

This year’s speakers include Lisa Buyer-The Buyer Group founder, Bert Jacobs-Life is Good founder, and Andrew Warner-the founder of Mixergy.

IBM Think Conference

March 19 – 22, 2018

Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, IB Think conference will be presenting the most brilliant updates on AI, cloud, data, IT infrastructure, security, loT, and so much more. Coming from the renowned in these fields, don’t miss this event to get inputs at first hand.

Intelligent Content Conference

March 20 – 22, 3018

To make the most of your stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, why not attend this Intelligent Content conference as well? Bring your team of marketing managers and content creators to deepen your knowledge of content marketing strategy. Starting from personas up to tackling the latest technology, your three-day attendance will be worth it.

Are you ready to meet new people in the marketing industry and add more important insights to feed your brain cells? Pack your bags now and get ready to have a fruitful March this year!

featured4 - Why Marketing is a “Big Thing” in Business

Why Marketing is a “Big Thing” in Business

Given that once you own a business, you have the money and the product and services to sell. But how can you make sure that your business will be able to last for long? Are you willing to face the fact that you can lose your business once you’ve run out of customers and money to keep it running? As a businessman, you should be. But instead of taking it negatively, use it as your inspiration to do better and keep your business in your hands.

When it comes to business, you don’t simply buy and sell. If you want to ensure the efficiency of your business sales, you have to promote your business. You have to market your brand to get the attention of your target customers.

Marketing Isn’t Boring!

Others say that marketing is boring them and that there aren’t much about marketing. If you have the same mindset, try to think again. Marketing influences your brand, business, and of course the money that keeps your business running. As a matter of fact, all businesses rely on marketing which is why major brands are willing to spend wads of money just to get spots for major events like the annual Super Bowl.

Fusion of Research and Psychology

One example of marketing that most businesses use today is the “email marketing”. If you receive regular emails about the latest products on sale or an invitation to an upcoming business opening in your inbox, it is what we call email marketing. Marketing is indeed very interesting for it can make or break a business.

If you’ve got the right knowledge and skills in marketing, your chance of walking on the right path is absolute. But if you prefer to get into the battlefield without the aid of some market research and psychology, your time in the industry is already dwindling. Take one fast-food chain as your inspiration, by using the colors that make people hungry, they came up with an excellent trademark using red and yellow colors. Cool blue tones are also common among medical clinics because it helps soothe patients.

Marketing is a Holistic Effort

Contrary to the thinking that marketing is just a small piece of pie in business. It is in fact, a “holistic effort”. Plans and strategies are built and centered on marketing where every aspect should be carefully laid out to work and complement each other.

Though the idea of having clients run to your doorsteps is satisfying, it’s not always like that in marketing. Sometimes, you just have to consistently make your brand appealing to be one of the top choices for them. This is why research and direct contact is vital to marketing experts. As a business owner, you have to know who should be your target market, rivals, business niche, strengths, weaknesses, and how to stand out from the rest.

To ensure your success in marketing, strengthen your connection with your target market and never stop finding new ways to keep them satisfied.

info2 - Why Marketing is a “Big Thing” in Business
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featured2 - Improve Your Content with these 3 Free Grammar Apps

Improve Your Content with these 3 Free Grammar Apps

Writing can be one of the most boring things in the world according to some people. Though I don’t completely agree with this statement, I can’t really blame them if they didn’t have the interest and patience to write. It can be because they didn’t have a great experience writing journals and other written requirements during their school days.

It could also be because they prefer dancing, acting, singing, or sports than sit in one corner and write. But for some who have a passion on writing, writing is our way of expressing our feelings. It is our way of releasing our brains’ creative juices and connecting with other people. We inspire people through writing. But it’s still not too late to try and develop your skills in writing.

Top 3 Free Grammar Apps

To help you improve your writing and come up with a content that you can be proud of, these are the top grammar apps that you can use for FREE:


1 - Improve Your Content with these 3 Free Grammar Apps

If you never heard of Grammarly before, it is one of the most popular grammar apps today. Why? Aside from the fact that you can create your own account here for free, it compiles every file that you run on it online. Thus, you can go back and retrieve your old files anytime or even download it. It also offers a desktop-integrated option so you can edit your content offline.

Let this app correct your spelling, typographical errors, punctuation, tenses, repetition, and contextual spelling.


2 - Improve Your Content with these 3 Free Grammar Apps

Ginger Software is a comprehensive language and grammar checker for free. You can access it online, or download it on your desktop. Aside from correcting grammar errors, it also provides correction on phonetic spelling errors so your writing can look smoother and natural. Ginger can also translate your content for more than 40 languages and give practice courses based on the errors it detected from your work.


3 - Improve Your Content with these 3 Free Grammar Apps

Named after Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway is an online grammar tool that has a terse ability to improve your writing. It also features font editors, level of readability, reading time, the total number of letters, characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

For more information on how you can improve your writing and produce high-quality content, follow Content and Motion and be the first to read our informational posts. Enjoy writing!

featured3 - Learn How to Promote Your Business for Free!

Learn How to Promote Your Business for Free!

Are you planning to build your own business? Building up your own business is indeed one of the best goals that many people want. Whether you have your own established career or not, you can have your own business as long as you have the profit and the product and service to sell. However, keeping your business doesn’t end in simply having the something to sell. You need a plan and a strategy which includes marketing.

Seeing as TV, radio, and billboard advertisements are too costly, you have to find other ways if you’re on a tight budget. In order to market your business without spending wads of money for a start, you have to think like other businessmen do. You have to maximize every resource you can get around you especially the internet.

Ways to Market Your Business Online for Free

Power Up Your Online Presence with SEO

SEO is “IN” to get ahead of the game so use it to improve your online presence on search engines. As your knowledge and skills in SEO increase, your rank on search engines will also increase after applying both to your business.

Use Local Listing Services

Register your business in Google Places so customers can search your business online by appearing in search engines and Google Maps. Just fill out the registration form to have your business be verified through a phone call or a snail mail. You can also use Bing from Microsoft and Yahoo! Local from Yahoo! to register. Registering your business in these huge local listings is totally free and hassle-free.

Post Promotional Videos

Creating an account on YouTube is free so maximize its platform to post promotional videos about your business. Customers are hooked with great content so be sure to catch their interests that are relevant to your business. You can also use Flickr to keep a gallery of your business photos online. Be sure to it link back to your website and social media pages.

Create a Blog

You can network with well-known influencers and have them promote your business on their blog after experiencing your service. If you’re into writing and you want to have your own blog site, be sure to keep it updated to connect with your customers directly.

Maximize Social Media

More than a great tool to connect with your loved ones wherever they are, social media has improved into a business tool over the past few years. Creating a business page on social media will help your business gain better exposure by posting ads and product offers on your page. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so customers can follow you anywhere.

Aside from publishing blogs, you can also post press releases for free on some sites to update your customers on your business progress and achievements. Search for websites that publish PRs for free and grab the opportunity to rock your market status.