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August 2018

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Small Business SEO? The Benefits and Why It’s Vital

When starting a business for the first time, it can be difficult to ascertain what approach should be taken when advertising the brand, or the products it sells. Some may advice you to focus on word-of-mouth for local services, whereas others may insist you need a strong social marketing plan.

The truth is that each small business has its own goals so what works for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another. As such, it’s important for a business ascertain its goals and clarify the niche of your brand to ensure that the right form of digital marketing is put in place.

Those who aren’t familiar with search engine optimisation may dismiss the practice as non-essential for a small business, but nothing could be further from the truth. SEO is just as important for small businesses as it is for global empires. It just needs to be used in the right way.

And according to this Digital Marketing Agency in Scotland SEO can be adopted by anyone, regardless of their budget, meaning its one of the most vital elements of digital marketing that a business shouldn’t dismiss without looking at the benefits it is able to offer.

Determine the Niche of Your Business

Regardless of whether you’re taking on the SEO work yourself or looking to hire the services of a third-party professional, a successful SEO campaign can only be crafted if the niche of the business is clear. Although many businesses may look similar on the service, there are several elements that can make all the difference as to which business they choose.

For example, if you’re a technology company that has an emphasis on using recycled parts and creating machines in the greenest way possible, then it’s important not to focus on keywords that only relate to technology alone.

Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint will be on the lookout for such an item and will using search terms to find a suitable provider. Harnessing these keywords can mean that you’re serving a demographic that’s being completely ignored by bigger companies.

Having a better understanding of what the business can offer allows business owners to ensure that their marketing plans can be tailored to capture demographics that are keen to purchase what the business has to offer, which follows onto the next topic.

Make Use of Keywords Being Ignored

When putting together an SEO plan, its understandable that small businesses fell that they are unable to contend with bigger competition, simply because it has a lower advertising budget.

Although it’s true that some bigger companies will have bigger budgets available, it can also mean that the some of the more unique terms are being ignored for popular search terms. These omissions can include long-tail keywords that are often used in the form of a question.

As well as being ignored by industry leaders, it’s also likely that unique terms will be easy to rank for. So although you won’t get a large volume of visits in comparison to other platforms, you will be receiving visits from customer who are likely to make a purchase.

It may take some time and the use of several tools, dedicating some time to finding obscure keywords can mean that your brand is being recognised for keywords that the competition has failed to account for.

SEO Lets Customers Know the Business Exist

A business can do a lot to promote its brand, but if its not making use of SEO, then its often the case that some marketing opportunities are being passed by.

The popularity of social media needs no explaining, but it’s important to know that it’s not only encouraging improved communication between friends, but it also working wonders when forming relationships between a brand and a customer.

Not only does SEO act as a ‘flair’ for SEO, but it also allows you to obtain reviews and capture customers within the vicinity easily. This ensures that your business is being promoted to local customers, while the reviews left by others can help you escalate up the ranks of Google.

When embracing SEO, it’s important that the business owners understand that the infrastructure used has changed over they years, as has the way people connect to online platforms. Relying on more aged approaches to SEO could mean that the business fails to gain any attraction when trying to stand out among the crowd.

SEO Is Cheaper Than Other Forms of Advertising

Digital marketing can be made up of several elements, which can sometimes include television and radio advertising. While there’s no doubt that this sort of advertising can be beneficial for businesses that are up and running, the cost of such advertising could mean it’s out of reach for small businesses due to their financial restrictions.

SEO is a cost-effective way of advertising, as it can be tailored to meet the company budget, regardless of how small it is. Of course, this may mean lowering your expectations when it comes to how many people you can capture in the initial stages, but it does allow small businesses to advertise without overspending.

Gain More Insight

Digital marketing in the past was limited simply due to the technology on offer. There was also less data to work with in relation to the customer’s journey while on the website, meaning that future strategies couldn’t be tailored. This would mean that although many campaigns would gain traction, not every customer demographic was accounted for.

Nowadays, it’s a vert different story. In fact, there is so much information available, that many businesses are ensuring that they have some sort of Customer Relationship Management tool in place to help them service their customers in the right way.

Although a small business may not need the same complicated infrastructure as that of a large corporation, SEO can still allow a business to expand the online operations of a brand and reach its desired customer base.

featured11 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

Getting in the business industry is like dipping in a pool filled with hungry piranhas that can eat you whole. This scenario is a normal thing in the business sector. Small and starting businesses are being eaten by huge companies. If you don’t want to be a victim of these vultures, it is advised that you boost your branding by seeking help from social media marketing agencies such as Summon Digital.

How can you find the best? Find it out here!

1. Be prepared for the interview portion.

31 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

When it comes to social media marketing firms, you should be aware that numerous companies are claiming that they are the top or the best agency with the lowest rates. After hiring them, that’s the only time you’ll know that they are nothing but scammers. Find out if the firm is legit by going through each social media marketing agency online and pick three candidate that best appeal to your interview.

2. Ensure that your clarify your objective

32 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

Is the agency helping you decide when it comes to your distinct objective? Whatever your objective is, make sure that the agency can help you become more visible to your audience without you and your employees spending so much time in your social media platform.

3. Always protect your business reputation

33 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

If you experienced having your company ruined by a social media marketing agency by posting not so good information on your social media platform, you are having second taught in hiring another one. In this case, you must ensure that the agency attracts prospective consumer to access your social media pages.

Your profile says a lot about and your business. Make sure that the agency you’ll work with can do your profile and ask them if they can change if upgrades are made.

4. Updated on Trends

34 - How to Find a Legit Social Media Marketing Firm?

Ask the potential agency on how they handle upgrades that can take place in social media in the near future. If they can’t seem to answer your question, it is a sign that you are not working with a top agency.

By doing these, you can save yourself from bogus agencies preying on marketers like you.

featured10 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

The game is on and you are up against small and huge businesses selling the same products and services. What will you do to win this battle? Winning or having an edge over your business competitors is a tough thing to do. You have to go beyond what your competitors are planning and what’s worst, they are instances that you have to do the impossible just to succeed and attract your target consumers.

Do not let this taught bring you down because companies like Content and Motion are here to help you out. According to this leading agency, if you want to stand-out and win your audience interest, the best thing you can do is to focus on your social media marketing content. Why?

Social Media apps are widely used today by everybody through day and night. If you want to reach your audience effectively social media is the way to go. In social media marketing, marketers like you are required to come up with original social media contents to be posted daily.

If so many ideas and things are running through your head, you’ll find it hard to come up with fresh and unique contents. With this article, you’ll be able to learn more ideas that you can use as you create your next social media posts.

Idea #1 Following Schedule of Daily Themes

21 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

You should choose a theme for specific days of the week so that it would be easier for you to come up with fresh contents for your social media accounts. By following themes you are boosting consistency for your brand and you are giving your audience something to look up to.

Idea #2 Write content about unusual holidays

22 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

Do you know every day of the year claims an unusual holiday? You don’t believe, are you aware that October 8 is considered as Octopus Day? Yap, unusual it is. Used these funny holidays to your advantage by creating contents about it, for sure your audience has never heard of it before. Have fun posting these holidays and make sure to include a Hashtag.

Ideas #3 Go and pose a very attracting question

23 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

The people or what we call now as “netizens” are fond of giving away their opinions and sharing their personal experiences on social media and you can actually see that on Facebook. To engage with them, start your content by asking a question.

For instance, you are marketing your restaurant, ask simple questions like “what do you like to eat on a date?” or “what kind of meal do you prefer during the family day?” To boost its visibility, you should include a graphic or photo.

Idea #4 Ask your audience to participate to the “Fill in the Blank”

24 - Rare Content for your Social Media Marketing

For more attracting posts, start it off with a fill in the blank, this can help attract conversation on your social media account.

Do these crazy and fun ideas as you create your next social media marketing posts and for sure the netizens will find your contents very fresh, funny, and unique all at the same time.