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The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for Multi Location Businesses Blog Image1 - The Art Of Local SEO - How To Rank Your Local Business

The Art Of Local SEO – How To Rank Your Local Business

The arrival of the Internet has changed the way businesses operate and do business. As it has blurred geographical boundaries, the internet has allowed companies to penetrate new markets without the burden of injecting large amounts of capital investment.

In today’s day and age, it is almost unthinkable to not have a digital presence of some sort. Everyone is online; hence it is essential if you want to reach your target market, that you solidify your virtual footprint.

It is a great opportunity for small business owners to widen their customer base at a smaller cost. Marketing through the right channels and right consumers can be the most favorable way to make a mark when running a business in a narrow geographical location.

For example, if a customer wants a service that is within his physical reach or requires anything to be fixed would need business establishments which is in the near vicinity to cater to his needs.

Your local SEO strategy aims to get your business page ranked higher in local searches when requested by the people living in nearby neighborhoods.

There are certain techniques and strategies used in SEO to make your local business website appear in the top results when searched for that particular area.

Using “location” as A keyword

Be it local or worldwide, the basics of SEO remain the same with a few precise changes. Using “location” as the keyword brings out the best results in order to attract consumers from a specific topographical location.

“Location” may be added to site content, meta text, blog post content, description or anywhere else and increases the chances of your website appearing higher in the search results for that specific product. When a search takes place from any specific location, regional business websites can appear if effective SEO techniques are implemented.

Business Listings

When you are looking to generate awareness for your business with respect to location, using sites like Yelp, Google places, Bing, Yahoo Local give a major boost to you ranking higher on search engine result pages.

Regional Directories

You may think that this is quite an obsolete way of marketing but regional or town directories are still quite a useful way for people to look for their desired businesses.

Getting registered on the online version of such directories like Yelp, CitySearch or Merchant Circle is quite a vital aspect that is often overlooked this is why we would always suggest that you use something like Citations Builder which is the best citation building service.

The information should comprise of a user friendly website link, contact details, hours of operation as well as directions to the physical existence of the business.

Have a Social Media Presence

Nothing is being used more than different modes of social media these days such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is essentially a marketing channel that will expand your existing database of clients to include friends of friends, family members, gain referrals and reach residents who live nearby.

Platforms like Hootsuite and Tiny Torch allow you to keep a track of whenever your business gets a mention and you can get alerts. Make sure that you as the business owner respond to it, be it positive or negative which leaves a positive impact on the customer that you care.

Google does keep positive reviews under consideration in order to rank you higher among the local pack.

Aquiring Locak Backlinks

Getting back links with respect to location may be very difficult. But if a business replies with specific keywords and location to certain blog posts that are relevant to your business type and location, the search engine may grab that data.

If it is necessary to register with the blog to leave a comment. Dropping a keyword and location may also help.

On Page Updates For Your Websites

You may need to formulate the meta description and title of your web page very wisely as the text of meta description and titles appears in search results. This will act as a “mini-ad” for your web page.

This can be a great way of luring the customer to visit your web page as the title tag comprises of 50 to 60 characters while the meta description tags can have 160 to 200 characters. This is a very beneficial and valuable way to attract the user.

Do not blow the chance of being clicked on by using irrelevant and useless text in the title or meta description. If your text for the HTML elements isn’t unique and compelling, then your click through rate will suffer to a great deal.

  • Do not waste this precious space by not providing helpful relevant information.
  • Include the name of your city the business is in.
  • Use one keyword closer to the beginning of the tag.

Adding Testimonials

It is high time that businesses start realizing how integral and influential it is to be having online positive reviews. Research shows that about 84% of respondents value online testimonials as much as they value personal recommendations from their trusted social circle.

Using Structures Data On Your Website

Structured data mark up can be easily added to the site’s code which is commonly known as “schema markup” or “ markup”. This provides additional information about the business like your services offered, how much you charge, the reviews you have gained and a lot more.

This is not a very widely used tool, only 31.3% of websites use this attribute. Keeping that in mind, if you start using it, you can make your local business stand out among the rest.

Google also wants you to add data markup because it makes it easier for the search engine to determine what services you provide and quickly pick it to be displayed on the search results.

Targeting The Right Audience

Targeting the right and appropriate audience can give a boost to your business that is incomparable. There has to be a set of specific customers whom you will market your product to. As a business owner, no one else can be more aware of the market needs.

Keep yourself in the shoes of the customers and think of the keywords you would use if you would require the services your business offers. This process of elimination can drastically increase your sales and reduce your efforts by a great deal.


featured9 - 10 Unbreakable Laws of SMM

10 Unbreakable Laws of SMM

Social Media is very powerful these days. The majority of people is engaging on it a daily basis and spends a lot of time with it. If you want to succeed in your business, you should learn to leverage the power of content and social media marketing. But, let me tell you that getting started without any experience could be really challenging on your part.

Meaning of Social Media Marketing

It is important that before engaging in social media marketing, you are fully aware of the fundamentals. Begin with the meaning of social media marketing. The truth is, social media marketing is really a broad term so let’s go for the most popular definition which is, it is a methodical use of marketing on other technological concepts in order to achieve a specific goal for a company.

Now that you are aware of its meaning, the next thing you should know is that social media marketing has laws that can help you build a strong foundation that can serve your customers and your brand.

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing:

1. The Law of Listening, if you want to succeed in social media and content marketing, you have to listen and less talking. Join discussions and read your online targets preferred online contents.

2. The Law of Focus, you should learn to specialize by focusing on social media and content marketing strategy that are capable of strengthening a brand.

3. The Law of Quality, it is better to have thousands of users who read, share and talk about your content than have hundreds of thousands of users connecting to your with the first time and eventually disappear.

4. The Law of Patience, success does not happen overnight. You should be patient as you wait for results.

5. The Law of Compounding, by publishing quality contents and workhard to build quality followers. They will share your content with their very own audience on different social media platforms. The sharing of contents can open new entry points to search engines.

6. The Law of Influence, spend time interacting with online influencers in your market who have quality audiences and are interested in your products and services. Make sure to connect with these people and build a sturdy relationship.

7. The Law of Value, stop spending so much time promoting your products on social media, instead, start adding value to your conversations by creating amazing contents and developing a relationship that could last.

8. The Law of Acknowledgement, building good relationships is essential to the success of social media marketing, so make sure that you are acknowledging everyone who is reaching out to you.

9. The Law of Accessibility. If you want to succeed, do not publish your content and just disappear. Make sure that you are available to your audience which means, you have to constantly publish content and participate in conversations.

10. The Law of Reciprocity. Never expect that people will talk about your content and share it with others. Instead of feeling sad, you should spend a portion of your time sharing and talking about contents that are published by others.

It is said that “laws are meant to be broken” but, in social media marketing, laws should be followed to ensure once success in reaching out their audience.