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June 2018

linkbuilding - Link Building Tips & Tricks For Small Businesses

Link Building Tips & Tricks For Small Businesses

The digital marketing phenomena known as search engine optimisation used to rely heavily on the concept of link building. However, as business ventures and corporations took to controversial link building exercises, Google revamped its strategy. Regardless, it has managed to retain its position as a critical ranking factor on search engine result pages.

What is Link Building?

If someone has placed a direct link to your website, it reflects as an authentic source of information and content. That link represents the worth of your content as someone has quoted it as a reference. This is what encouraged search engine giant Google to utilise backlinks as a ranking variable. It was a simple concept: the higher the number of links from external, pertinent websites to your website, the higher you would be placed on a search engine result page.

With time, Google’s ability to the relevance and quality of a backlink has increased greatly. It has started to identify questionable links and has stringent penalty policies to deal with entities engaging in such practices. Despite this, when done right, link building can be an effective factor in giving you a top position on Google’s result pages. Keep in mind that other factors have also come into play for ranking decisions since the last few years.

Check out our top tips for link building in the year 2018 shared to us by the team at Edinburgh SEO.

Use Research and Data

The application of research and data is one of the most powerful link-building techniques to exist in the virtual realm. As per search engine optimisation gurus, it is seventy percent more effective than other link building alternatives. The essence of first hand primary research cannot be emphasised enough. Nothing holds greater value then original, verified content that shares industrial insights and never-shared before facts. Being the owner of such data gives you the right to earn backlinks and will bring people over to you instead of you being the one to chase them.

How can you apply this to link building?

  1. Find a subject area that will add value to your target audience. For instance, a fitness club can explore and research the effectiveness of different kinds of diets. It can invite its members to take part and research which diet yielded the greatest amount of weight loss results.
  2. Do your own primary research. Taking the example from above, it is recommended to focus on a specific sample size and implement demographic parameters such as age and gender. Gather as many variables as you can and remember that the more your research data is illustrative of a specialised customer or industry group, the higher the possibility of building links.
  3. Publish your findings and dress it up with some design feel. Use graphs, charts and tables to make it reader friendly.
  4. Kick off a series of content pieces that stem from your primary research. We are talking podcasts, blog posts, infographics, tweets and what not.
  5. It is imperative that you get your research out there and promote it productively. Let people know that there is a whole plethora of knowledge that you are willing to share about the world of fitness.

Publish Content on Social Media Platforms

The majority of search engine optimisation companies find posting content on social media platforms to be effective 68% of the time. This increasing the chances of your content gaining links naturally and also helps gain social signals.

How can you apply this to link building?

  1. Download social listening programs to locate your target market on social media. This will help you monitor the strength of your brand on these platforms and let you concentrate your efforts on solidifying the brand footprint on those channels.
  2. Evaluate the engagement rate on these social media platforms and see which is the most popular.
  3. Draft content that is going to captivate your consumer’s interest.
  4. Re-promote your existing content: Keep the word going about your research and reformat it in different ways to share it. Publish it on other platforms besides Facebook – such as Instagram & Snapchat. Do give it a slight mention every other week to keep attracting different links.

Posting Sector Specific Interviews

This is another effective tool in link building for search engine optimisation techniques. Publishing interviews from leading experts in your niche or industry will appeal to other online businesses to quote you as a resource and link to your website as well. in order to have a successful interview, keep the following two things in mind: try to find a key influencer or a popular voice in your industry and also structure your interview questions to be relevant. Create your questioning strategy around benchmarked practices, business values, customer insights and such.

How can you apply this to link building?

  1. Research and do your due diligence.  Try to find what subjects are of interest to your customer market and which opinion leaders will be able to offer valuable business insights to your audience. Learn about your selected interview candidate’s background to verify his authenticity and expertise on the topic.
  2. Plan your questions in advance. Put your list of questions together that will peak your reader’s inquisitiveness and serve as a solution to any points of concern.
  3. As important as it is to stay on track during the interview and direct the flow of conversation towards your relevant topic, it is acceptable to incorporate some other topics of interest as well.
  4. Just like original primary research, formal interview specific interviews are going to be useless if you are unable to share them with the world.
  5. Recycle your content and share your interviews on variant social media platforms. Do send the final version of your interview to your candidate as well as he may want to link to it as well

Using Videos to Generate Links

There are plenty of user friendly online tools that can help you edit and promote your videos.  Similar to the content promotion strategies above, share your videos on social media and post it on Youtube as well. This will help you gain exposure and obtain external relevant links.

featured8 - Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing to Watch Out for!

Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing to Watch Out for!

The business sector is known as the most chaotic industry. Why? For the reason that thousands of businesses and companies are going against each other to compete for sale and for consumers, well, that’s how businesses really work.

Due to the intense competition taking place on online businesses and on actual stores, the majority of brands are doing everything they can and are trying new ways on how they can connect with their audience using various platforms. The greatest challenge they have to face is that consumer’s attention spans are decreasing to eight (8) seconds. With social media, every user scrolls down through 300 feet of content providing the smallest window of opportunity to grab their attention.

If you’re a marketer, how will you handle the situation and how will you get your consumers once again?

For professional marketers, you should take advantage of the evolving development of social media content marketing but you have to use a more humane approach. To help you out, here are some of the latest trends in social media content marketing that are predicted to make a huge impact this 2018.

1. Businesses Investing in Talent

At this very moment, companies are well-aware of the fact that social media is essential when it comes to consumer and brand engagement that’s why they have been investing and focuses more on their social strategies. This year, you’ll see company’s focus on this and on hiring qualified individuals that are capable of providing contents for all social media platforms.

2. A Mobile Ready Content

Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 people spend hours engaging on social media platforms like Facebook. This app has been the most popular platform for years and as the majority continues to involve to it, brands will surely spend more time and effort just to provide mobile-ready content. This type of content is much simpler and has few presses to engage with but, contents like these require knowledgeable and experienced workers.

3. Fuller or Richer forms of Content

In general, rich content is equivalent to more engagement. This content refers to any content that is able to facilitate user interaction. For the best sample, videos are in the top. It requires users to click play and is encouraging them to leave some comments.

4. Aligning with User Generated Content

It is proven that 80% of online users trust online consumer opinions and higher percent prefer recommendations from people they know. As you create a social strategy, it is the right time to leverage on user-generated contents. This 2018, you’ll be able to see brands spend more time with this type of contents.

Social media platforms are presenting new opportunities in creating contents that can build a meaningful relationship with the consumer. If you want your business to succeed this 2018, you should learn to adjust to the latest trends.

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